The Rising Guardian: Antonius & the Curse of Sirius

“No matter what struggles you face, never let your circumstance overwhelm you.” These words of Calix Maximus resonate in the heart of his son and Rising Guardian, Antonius Maximus. But Antonius is more than a Rising Guardian, more than one chosen to take the place of a fallen guardian. He is a king. A king accused of murder and denied a trial by his senate. In the darkness of his cell, he is met by a guard still loyal to him, who aids in his escape from his kingdom, Philonia. Antonius journeys to Konstuliana to meet with its king, Mitis, a man closest to his late father. Mitis welcomes Antonius and plans are made on how to prove his innocence. But no matter how far Antonius runs, he cannot escape his calling. He is met by a man greatly admired by his father. A man who reveals to Antonius things that make his life more complicated. But back in Philonia, the reason behind his struggles, the darkness that committed the crime he was accused of takes the form of an offspring of Sirius, the fallen guardian he is to replace. This darkness follows him and tests him severely almost to the point of death. As Antonius comes to grasp the burden of his destiny, he is forced to learn very important lessons about failure, love and sacrifice.


About The Author

Al Maios

Publication Date: January 1, 2017

ISBN: 978-1938598296

Price: $19.95