The 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, is probably the most popular celebrity president of the 21st century and the first African American president in the history of the United States. Tall, smart and tal­ented, Barack Obama was born to lead. He was born to the president. He was born to be a catalyst for change. He was born to inspire hope and optimism to millions of Americans at the time many Americans were without hope. Barack Obama is the right man for the right job at the right time! Barack Obama is most probably one of the most inspirational orators of our time. Each time he gave one of his famous inspirational speeches, it becomes a teaching moment for every America. He is the great teacher while Americans are his captive audience. Indeed, there are many gifted and inspi­rational speakers in America but none has and still captivated American audi­ence as Barack Obama. None, especially in the 21st century, has generated so much excitement, enthusiasm, interest and hope for change as Barack Obama.

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Dr Felicia Ibezim is a Nigerian-American writer and publisher. She is also a counselor, a psychologist and a college professor. Felicia has two Masters Degrees, one in Counseling and another in Educational Psychology from New York University. She later earned her doctorate degree in Educational Psychology from Capella University, Minnesota, Minneapolis in 2008. Dr Felicia Ibezim has taught for several years at various colleges in New York City including Queens College, City College, Mercy College and College of New Rochelle. Felicia is a prolific writer who has written over 35 manuscripts and published 12 literary works in the areas of fiction and non-fiction as well as school texts. Her most recent work, The Igbo Women of Nigeria and her other scholarly works could be found on her website: www.ekwikebooks.com and www.amazon.com

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