In Search of Development: Human Capital, Entrepreneurship, Politics & Leadership in Nigeria

This book observes that while human and natural resources abound in Nigeria, the search for national development which started at independence in 1960 continues without a clear path to a desirable destination. Therefore, if the long search for national development is to bear fruit, current and future efforts should seriously focus on matters of leadership and constraints posed by the geo-ethno-political structure of the country.


This book is a powerful contribution to the development discourse. It addresses old questions of African development with insights that should inform new development paths

—Prof Chima J. Korieh, Department of History/International Studies, University of Nigeria and Director, Africana Studies, Marquette University

About The Author

Chikwendu Christian Ukaegbu is a Professor of Sociology & Global Development. He is currently an adjunct faculty at the University of Wyoming and Dominican University, River Forest, Illinois. He can be reached by email at

Publication Date: January, 2020

ISBN: 978-1-938598-35-7

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