Confronting Errors With the Truth: The Story of My Life and the Challenges of Governance

This book is an account of my stewardship both as a civil servant and a politician. I write not to celebrate self or to debunk frivolous and baseless allegations by my detractors, but to document for posterity my efforts to improve the welfare of fellow citizens. I also write to explain my approach to governance, my attitude to power, the philosophy and desire that motivate and drive me to act and behave the way I do. I write candidly about the circumstances of my early years; the people and events that shaped my life; my years in public service; my foray into politics; and my challenges as Governor of Abia State. 


Governor T.A. Orji is the beau ideal of the public servant whose commitment to public service is matched by love for humanity.”

–Goodluck Jonathan, President, Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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Governor T.A. Orji

Publication Date: January, 2011

ISBN: 978-978-49498-6-6 (hardback)

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