Between Tradition and Change: Sociopolitican and Economic Transformation among the Igbo of Nigeria

Between Tradition and Change explores selected themes on the historical, socio-economic and ethno-political history of the Igbo of Nigeria. Its coverage encompasses political economy, civil society, religion and politics, traditional politics, crime and punishment, literature and politics, cosmology, and women in politics. The book provides an insightful account of state formation processes in Igboland, and the embattled transformation of Igbo society, norms and political economy since the period of colonial encounter with Europe. It includes detailed accounts of the impact of Christianity and colonialism on Igbo communal cohesion and traditional norms. The book reveals that core Igbo values are important in understanding the character and trajectory of the transformations that have occurred and how the Igbo responded to these transformations in national, regional, and international contexts. Between Tradition and Change is an indispensable work for a micro analysis of the major forces of change in African societies since the colonial period. 

About The Author

Apollos O. Nwauwa is Professor of history and Africana studies as well as director of Africana studies program at Bowling Green State University, Ohio. Nwauwa received his MA and PhD degrees in African History from Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He has authored several works on the Igbo and other related subjects. Co-editor, Against All Odds: The Igbo Experience in Postcolonial Nigeria (2011) and currently the Editor-in-Chief, Ofo: Journal of Transatlantic Studies. Ebere Onwudiwe is a professor of political science and Distinguished Fellow at the Center for Democracy and Development, Abuja, Nigeria. His books include Afro-optimism (Praeger, 2002) and The Aftermath of the Nigerian Civil War, (University of Ibadan Press, 2004).
Publication Date: January, 2012
ISBN: 978-9784949873
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